How to join

Lostock Tennis Club is delighted to welcome new members. The subscription fees are paid annually and are renewed on the 1st April. A standing order facility is available for all subscriptions which exceed £200. Reductions are available for new members who join part way through the year. A major benefit of adult membership is that there is currently no extra charge for use of the floodlights, subject to court availability. For more information, contact the membership secretary.

Now that all our tennis courts are floodlit with state of the art, LED floodlights, why not consider joining us to play over the winter months. The all-weather surface means that play is possible except in extreme weather conditions, so please contact us for details of winter special offers.

If you are unsure about joining, come down at the weekend for a free trial and join in!

To apply for membership, simply navigate to our membership page on the LTA web site: Membership Details